Having a baby changes your life.

At first it’s the physical changes you notice, the ripening and blossoming of breasts and bellies, and then the practical ones: needing a bigger car, home or pay cheque. There is more expansion as our children grow.

Then, if we take the time to look inward, there are other ways we are expanded as well: mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And whilst both partners experience this, we can experience it differently. This has consequences, but also opportunities, for our relationship.

If you are suffering from the physical and financial stress of becoming a new parent we recommend that you visit our friends over at Isagenix Australia.

Because parenthood brings invitations for insight, for growth. For really knowing the fullness, depth and truth of ourselves and to learn valuable lessons in life and love. Parenthood also brings opportunities to nurture and deepen the relationships we have with those closest to us: our partner, family and friends. Through the changes of parenthood, wonderful (and unexpected) new things can grow.

Becoming Us walks you through the changes and adjustments to life and love as a family. For couples thinking about having a baby through to parents of teens, Becoming Us guides you and your partner to:

Explore the unspoken expectations you may have of each other or your children.

Identify the practical and emotional needs of a young family and how to meet them.

Manage the strong and varied emotions that normally come with parenthood

Acknowledge the choices, decisions, issues and adjustments most parents experience so you can talk about them and find ways to work together as a team.

Recognise opportunities for personal and relationship growth.

Prevent or resolve the most common relationship problems for parents.

Manage conflict in ways that bring you closer and inspire trust and mutual respect.

Deepen your relationship and make it more intimate.

Cope with parenting challenges typical to the newborn, toddler, school age and adolescent years, and

Build confidence in yourself and each other and embrace the changes so you can all thrive.

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